Our mission

Our mission is the "Global Maintenance Service". The management of the structures which they have been entrusted to us, and are constantly maintained, is performed by us aiming to the overall goal which is the production efficiency (machines performance improvement, availability increase, cost reduction), and the preservation of the real property, and is based on:

Omnitech is structured as a has trained its staff in order to form taskforce of Technical entrepreneurs;
We are facilitated by a structure "Adhocratic" (structure built on an ad hoc basis), which we believe to be the only structure capable of assuring the maximum flexibility and therefore satisfy the dynamic nature of the maintenance activities.

These results can be obtained with the engineering of the maintenance process that is to use the technology to:

Policies selection, the optimized replacement of equipment and sub-assemblies, the standardization of cycles and methods of interventions;
A systematic approach to the improvement of reliability, maintainability, maintenance methods and criteria;
Through the analysis of failure and system costs, aiming to availability and preservation. Perform benchmarking in order to contrast with reference realities.



Problem solving, research for the optimal solution, experimenting, is what makes the Technical Entrepreneur tick.

Rather than the systematic implementation of the standards he/she is required to provide an innovative contribution.

He/she is entitled to make cost effective choices when a benefit for the Company is envisaged.

Azienda rete

Company network

Omnitech has selected and established connection with a range of preferential suppliers in order to form operating units which have as their "core business" several activities such as:
» Revision of pumps and motors
» Industrial painting
» Revision of screws
» Electrical and electronic design
» Industrial Monitors

Azienda adhocratica

Adhocratic company

The structure consists of an flexible and semipermanent framework (carrier of the information, command and control) to which several Operating Teams are connected (temporary groups or task force) of a temporary nature. These parts, resembling a Calder Mobile Sculpture, move as a response to any change in the external framework. They can be separated or rearranged as needed.