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The robot knows how to make a good coffee

Giugno 29, 2020     Robot barman

The discovery of coffee was, in its way, as important as the invention of the telescope or microscope. In fact, coffee has unexpectedly intensified and modified the capabilities and liveliness of the human brain.

(Heinrich Eduard Jacob)

The Robot perfectly knows the set of rules for serving and enjoying this delicious drink.

Random malfunctions of the robotic manipulator

Aprile 19, 2018     Failures of the robotic manip.

During the transport of the pieces (processed by MU) towards the finisher, movement
carried out by the robotic manipulator, were detected during the winter season,
various drops randoms of the force exerted on the pliers causing the pieces fall.
This anomaly led us to set up a "bench" test system with the aim of evaluating the behavior
of the low temperature manipulator (0-2 ° C) and with values ​​of pressure at the minimum
of specification (4.5 bar). To date, we have accumulated 35,860 deviations, at least # 10 power failures on the grippers. Actions are under way to make the manipulator more reliable.

Predictive maintenance applied on Picking Systems

Giugno 06, 2017     Predictive maintenance

Serve with proactivity using predictive maintenance